Welcome to the Naked Wear Family!

Naked Wear was born with the intent of creating a line of sportswear for ladies that is synonymous with being a fitness lifestyle brand in Asia, aiming to give women peace of mind while working out. It is of paramount importance that our sportswear provide comfort and security, while ensuring that you look good sweating it out. In order to make this possible, our sportswear are tested under various conditions and exercise intensity, from snorkelling to cross fit and aerial arts.

All Naked Wear sports bras come with bra paddings and breathable inner mesh to enhance moisture wicking. Our waterproof range also comes with secured paddings that will never budge regardless of the intensity of your physical activity. 

*Naked Wear is a proud partner of The Anique that brings you a selection of dance shorts for that extra sex appeal.*

See you at the next workout!

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